Black People must take advantage of crowdfunding platforms.

The ability to raise funds quickly is vital for building group wealth among black people. Not only does crowdfunding allow for blacks to build more businesses, it also cuts out the white owned and operated banks from being the middlemen.

Instead of relying solely on loans from the banks who benefit from interest charges, black people can collectively pool funds together, build business and reap the rewards on the profits as shareholders.

Technology has given us the tools to more raise funds faster than any other time in history. Social media and crowdfunding platforms like kick-starter and indegogo gives those who want to raise funds more marketing reach and speed like never before.

Crowdfunding has been used to fund the smash hit documentary series Hidden Colors 1,2,3,4.   NO NO the Dokumentary . And the upcoming 1804 the hidden history of HAITI This is evidence of the power of crowdfunding and shows that every black person can build their projects by using of the abundance of free content marketing platforms available to us.

Many of us use social media for entertainment while other groups are using it solely for the purpose of building audiences in order to fulfill their agendas, including funding to create a line of KOREAN HOT SAUCE !!!

If you have a burning business idea or just a project that you are passionate in pursuing, now is the time to put social media to work and make use of the following that we brag about so much.

If someone can raise over $10,000 to make hot sauce we should be able to raise money to push our own agendas. The first step to using crowdfunding platforms is to learn about them. Take advantage to the numerous crowdfunding books and blogs that are available to us on the web.









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