Our First black superhero comic series

Greetings Family, do you know that superhero comic books are a billion dollar industry. Out of all the superheros that make up this industry only a handful of the main characters are black. Most of black characters are usually sidekicks and offer nor more value than a token piece.

We have decided to make up our own comic book phenomenon featuring our very own black characters. The name of this project will be “The exodus chronicles”. The story is set to take place in the war torn future of 2100AD.

We don’t want to give away too much away too soon, the story is already in development and is adult oriented because it contains violence and drug abuse. ¬†We will be developing characters as we go along, but we promise that the story is going to be hot fire.

The first release of this story will be in the form of a novel mini series which we will later convert into a series of comic books.

We aim to make a world that you have never seen, we are very confident that this story will be both unique and captivating.

Stay tuned for more updates as well as some give away scenes and character sketches.





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